Corneal Collagen Crosslinking - General Information //

Collagen crosslinking (specifically the Photrexa riboflavin solutions and the KXL System by Avedro, Inc.) was recently approved by the FDA for the treatment of progressive keratoconus.  In the US, this is a first-in-class therapeutic treatment for this sight-threatening condition.  Worldwide data going back more than 12 years has shown this to be an effective and safe option for stopping the progression of keratoconus.


At Michigan Cornea Consultants, our practice is solely devoted to disorders of the cornea and external eye.  Keratoconus is one of the major conditions that we diagnose and manage.  We were among the leading recruiters nationally in a recent cornea crosslinking trial utilizing the KXL System by Avedro, Inc. so this is a procedure and a device with which we are already very familiar and quite experienced.   


We are excited that this highly anticipated treatment has achieved FDA approval and we know that many patients that have been waiting for this milestone as well!  As a recently approved procedure, there is still uncertainty regarding insurance coverage and this uncertainty continues even in 2019.  We are happy to see all patients for keratoconus evaluation and for consideration of collagen crosslinking.  During such consultations, we will discuss the best available options for their care.

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Michigan Cornea Consultants is closing on October 31, 2019!

Surgical Forms //

Once you have had your consultation and have been deemed a candidate for a corneal crosslinking, below are the surgical forms for you to read and complete.  

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